In Search for Balance

As the year started out, I found myself being overwhelmed by trying to come up with a resolution. I started a cleansing, but I didn’t have the determination to complete it. I looked into myself for an answer, and I found it.
I realized, what I needed was more balance.
Often times we convince ourselves, that once we have our work under control, we can THEN make time for family, health and hobbies.

But isn’t every life area equally important?

Imagine neglecting your health for one year while you focus on your work. You will suffer the consequences of that decision. In fact, that decision alone can limit the number of years you are likely to live after that. That might be a harsh way of putting it, but you know it to be true.


Is it a mistake to compartmentalize life areas?

I did a research on the subject and learned, that the idea that each life area is compartmentalized, and has no influence on other life areas is untrue and extremely damaging to your life success. You can advance your career by having good social connections and you can enhance your family life by having good health and vitality.


Guess, who gave me a lead in my search for balance?

Dr Oz! Listen to what he says:

“There are really 2 things, that can drive you to success.

  1. Tell somebody about your goal. Chances are, they will join you in pursuing it or at least support you.
  2. Be concrete and specific. You don’t want a goal like”becoming a better person”, because there’s no objective way to judge that. It’s got to be something like “I’m going to call my mother once a week” or I’m going to sleep for 7 hours a night”. It can’t be fudgeable. If you are concrete, I’ll bet the chance that you’ll be succeeding by summer is 50%. Those are definitely odds worth taking.”

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