Spring Cleaning


Happy Spring Everybody!

The studio is buzzing with clients getting ready for the long, warm days ahead. Light-filled days mean one thing to me here at EuroPilates: Summer is right around the corner!

No better time than now, to do a spring cleaning. I already started mine by giving the waiting area in front of the studio a face lift. Check out the picture below:

You may notice more than an exterior change the next time you come to work out.  I like to enhance the season’s change by changing up your workout routine. Chances are you’ll come across lots of new exercises this time of the year in the studio. These new exercises will make your body ache so good, since they challenge your muscles in a new way.  They are not only good for your muscles but it’s also fun to learn new exercises and stay engaged mentally during your session, because you turn off your auto pilot! Check out Kimberly performing the “Saw”, done seated on the box, using added resistance from the strap.

For a diet spring cleaning, I like to add variety by doing personal monthly food challenges. For example going vegetarian for a while or eliminating sugar from my diet. My new favorite spring vegetables are fava beans! I love the bright green color and they cook in a few minutes. Just add a little olive oil and lemon juice, top with shaved Parmesan and voila, you have a great side dish with your chicken or fish!

Spring time is a happy season. The warm weather and sunshine inspires me to incorporate brighter colors into my wardrobe, adding a little more sunshine to my day. Cheerful Toesox are a great way to add color. My pink Toesox make me smile, when I look at my feet during “Coordination.” Check out the new open toe  Toesox in the studio!

Spring time also equals to pre-bikini season. Did you know, that green tea is great for fat burning? When the weather gets warm, I like to change up my cup of hot green tea for a glass of ice cold peach green tea! Look out for this healthy beverage offered in the studio on hot days!

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