Spring Cleaning



This month I want to encourage everyone to get into spring cleaning mode! But before you start cleaning your windows, think about getting your body and mind in spring shape! Scroll down below the main article to get some useful tips on how to get started!





By Dr. Heather Berberet


Spring cleaning brings to mind such great images, doesn’t it? Sunlight pouring through open windows, white sheets gently waving in fragrant breezes, the whole house smelling lemony and fresh. Gotta love it!


Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to benefit your house, however. By organizing our surroundings, we provide a huge boost to our minds and our mental health. The problems created by disorganization, (such as lost keys, unpaid bills, embarrassment before company, etc.), create stress and worry. Stress and worry use up our energy and make us unhappy.


The ability to be in your own space, and know where everything is, can provide a huge sense of satisfaction and happiness. Not only do we reduce the amount of stress and worry we have to deal with in our lives, we also free up that energy for other activities. Probably most importantly, reducing stress and worry increases happiness.


An important psychological part of spring cleaning is to break it down into small steps. If you try to do too much at once, you are actually more likely to reduce your productiveness. When overwhelmed by a task, most people freeze and don’t get any work done.


The Fly Lady at my favorite cleaning resource, www.FlyLady.com suggests setting your timer for 15 minute intervals and taking a 15 minute break between each interval. She reminds us that “we can do anything for 15 minutes!” Whether you break your cleaning up into “chunks” of 15 mins, 30 mins or by one section of a room at a time, take breaks between and give yourself lots of time.


Finally, after each “chunk” is completed, take a moment to experience how awesome it feels to have gotten something done. Our brains are hard wired to notice the negative moments in life as a way to survive. (If I see a long, skinny thing across the path ahead, I stay alive longer if I assume it’s a snake, rather than a stick). Unfortunately, while this is great for the survival of the species, it’s not so great for quality of life. We end up focusing on the bad stuff, and plow right through the good stuff-missing all the fun.


So, be good to yourself. Organize your outside to give your insides a break. But when you do it, take it slow and enjoy your success along the way. Here’s to open windows and spring breezes!


Dr. Berberet is a San Diego psychologist in private practice. She is known for her work with couples and in the field of trauma. She can be reached at 619.379.8513 or through her website at www.DrBerberet.com

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