Self-Massage (Self-Myofascial Release)

Massage has been used to promote health, relieve stress and reduce pain for 5000 years. The ancient Greeks and Romans were among those who recognized the therapeutic qualities of massage and incorporated it into their daily health regimens. Even Julius Caesar used massage to help relieve pain!

Massage and myofascial release is now widely used around the world from spas to hospitals as a therapeutic and restorative strategy.

Understanding Fascia

Fascia is a three-dimensional web of connective tissue that runs through the body from head to toe. It covers and separates muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments, but it also interpenetrates and surrounds almost every tissue in the body (blood vessels, organs, nerves, etc.)

Tightness in the fascia and muscles is usually manifested as pain. Healthy fascia and muscle fibers DO NOT produce the same pain sensations when stretched or massaged, because they contain the proper amount of blood flow, elasticity and range of motion.

However, unhealthy fascia and muscle fibers are prone to develop very painful dysfunctional characteristics, such as excessive tightness, adhesions and inflexibility.

The most popular forms of massage used for corrective means today are self-myofascial release and trigger point massage. These specific techniques can be credited largely to Dr. Janet Travell,  White House Physician, during the administrations of U.S. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. Kennedy, in fact, credited Travell for helping him eliminate the terrible myofascial pain he had during his political carrier.

Did you know, that you could take charge of your own health and start self-massaging yourself with the use of a foam roller? Rolling your body only takes 10 minutes/day and you could restore your health and vitality!

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • increased circulation that enables oxygen and other nutrients to reach vital tissues, muscles and organs
  • increased joint flexibility
  • reduced adhesions and scar tissue that improves the elasticity of muscles and other soft tissues
  • elimination of stored tension in muscles
  • release of endorphins to help reduce pain

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