Pain Elimination

Posture has a huge effect on the structures and soft tissues of the human body. Postural deviations lead to incorrect movement patterns and eventually cause chronic pain. Without correction, the human body quickly finds new ways to move and function, leading to muscle imbalance, loss of function, stiffness and joint pain.

The pain you experience now is often the result of postural changes, which changes how your body moves and functions. The most common postural deviations are

  • Overpronation of the feet (flat feet)
  • Excessive lumbar lordosis (sway back)
  • Medially displaced knees (knock knees)
  • Kyphosis (slouching posture)
  • Internally rotated arms
  • Excessive cervical lordosis (forward head posture)

At EuroPilates you undergo a thorough posture analysis and receive corrective exercises to bring your body back into balance. This is the foundation of our work together. I design your exercise routine based on my findings. The goal of this customized exercise program is to:

  • Eliminate muscular and postural imbalances and deviations
  • Loosen up tight muscles that inhibit your joints from moving properly
  • Postural re education to eliminate pain and further injuries
  • Strengthen and tone your body

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