Private Pilates Sessions

Private sessions involve multiple apparatus work. The instructor develops a unique system of exercises based on the client’s needs and goals.

  • Single session $90
  • Monthly package $80/session

Semi-Private Sessions (2 participants)

Two clients of similar ability work together with one instructor. (You need to bring your work-out partner)

  • Single session $50/person
  • Monthly package $40/person/session

Corrective Exercise Session

Based on a thorough structural assessment, exercises are carefully chosen to correct faulty movement patterns, decrease pain and stiffness. Client receives a custom program, that he/she practices at the comfort of their home.

  • Single session $150

** Please provide 24 hours notice for cancellations. Otherwise, cancellation fees may apply.

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Meet Eva

I am a Pilates instructor and Corrective Exercise Specialist in the Biomechanics Method. My passion for Pilates began shortly after a ski injury that left torn knee ligaments in 2002. After surgery, I missed exercising and could not participate in any physical activities.

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Eva is aware of the role physical activity plays in combating Parkinson’s. She developed a series of stretching and flexibility exercises that I could do at home and while traveling. Her suggestions helped me improve a painful condition in my foot. I have continued her fitness regimen and leave for Nepal in less than two weeks.

- Alan T., Ramona, CA