I had been a Parkinson’s patient for four years when I went to Eva.  She performed a thorough evaluation of my posture, flexibility, balance, and interests.  Eva knew I was planning a trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp to raise money for Parkinson’s research and that in spite of my disease I led an active life style.  Eva is very aware of the role physical activity plays in combating Parkinson’s.  She developed a series of stretching and flexibility exercises that I could do at home and also while traveling.  Her suggestions helped me improve a painful condition in my foot.  I have continued her fitness regimen and leave for Nepal in less than two weeks.

-Alan T., Ramona, CA


“Eva is the best Pilates instructor I have ever come across. I have traveled all over the US and Europe. When I have a break from work in a city, I schedule Pilates session. No one has every come close to Eva’s instruction and technique. She has helped me to build my core like no other sport. 

Worth every moment and dollar spent….”

-Kris T., Rancho Santa Fe


“I have been working exclusively with Eva since October 2008 and have noticed a marked increase in my core strength and overall flexibility.  I am a runner and decided to augment my exercise routine by adding Pilates twice weekly.  I have tried several different instructors and have found Eva to be best in all categories.  She has a true gift for Pilates instruction.  Not only she is very knowledgeable about the Pilates doctrine, but she is patient and capably tailors her instruction to each student’s pace and abilities.  She explains and demonstrates the various Pilates techniques and exercises clearly and more importantly, she is quick to spot and correct improper technique and does so graciously and in a most helpful manner.  I highly recommend Eva as a Pilates instructor!”

-Ann Haddad, Point Loma


I’m so happy to have found EuroPilates!!
I had been taking private pilates sessions for about a year, but had to find a new instructor since my gal was moving. She recommended Eva as an ideal replacement and I’m already addicted to my weekly sessions!!
Eva is so well trained in posture alignment and injuries and she has a sharp trained eye for picking up on all of my bad habits that cause me pain. I usually walk in feeling a little tight since I am a runner- but I leave each time feeling strong, tall, and my shoulders are no longer up by my ears :)
Eva also keeps her sessions going at a great pace to get a lot of work in, while providing great instruction and visualizations to get me in the perfect positions. All her Pilates tools and toys are great, no chance of getting bored!!
If you are considering Pilates at all for pain relief or to get stronger, this is your place! Plus, you will love Eva’s warm personality and quiet studio…

–       Lauren K., Mission Beach


I’ve been going to Eva for over 3 years now and she is by far the most AMAZING Pilates instructor on the planet!  That’s right, I said PLANET!  She really knows her stuff and customizes exercises depending on what is going on with your body at the time.  She is always coming up with new and innovative moves to challenge and motivate you and has great attention to detail.  She is so sweet and funny and I love her accent too! 🙂  You would be doing yourself a favor by going to Euro Pilates!  Do it now!!!!

–       Vicky K., La Jolla

“Eva’s Pilates instruction is fantastic. She goes beyond simply making sure you get a good work-out; she’s very knowledgeable about bio-mechanics, so she is able to really optimize work-outs, help strengthen problem areas, and work around any existing joint issues.  I have scoliosis, and had intermittent back pain for years.  Eva worked with me to strengthen my back and core, and my back has been so happy!   I also think it’s important to mention that before finding Eva, I had NEVER stuck to a work-out regimen for more than a few months.  I went to Eva for over 2 years, without interruptions, and only stopped because I moved  away (sniff!).   Pilates instruction can be pricey, but this is a REALLY good investment in yourself.”

-Erika D. Saint Louis, MO


“I have been going to Eva for over a year. You will not find a better studio or instructor. The classes are small which means more personal attention. Eva targets every workout to your own needs and addresses any aches or pains that you may have. She is always challenging me to push myself and catches any postural mistakes I make and corrects them instantly. I’m stronger and leaner than I have been in a long time. The personalized attention she gives and the knowlede she has of the body and how to correct any alignment issue are the reason I would not go anywhere else. You will not find a better studio anywhere.”

– Heather O, (marathon runner) Bankers Hill, San Diego


“I have been going to Europilates with Eva for 1 1/2 years now.  I was first nervous about going to Pilates since I have never tried it or even really knew what it was about.  I just heard friends tell me Pilates is a great workout.  Eva did one on one sessions when I first started to teach me the basics and I have been doing semi-private classes three times a week since.  I am hooked.  I did try another studio once and really learned how great Eva is.  She pays attention to our form and posture while pushing me to the next level.  I have seen my body transform in the last 1 1/2 years.  I am leaner and stronger.  Eva is great and I highly recommend Europilates to anyone who is looking for a great Pilates instructor.”

– Aruna D. Normal Heights, San Diego


“I have been going to EuroPilates for almost 2  1/2 years.  In the beginning, I went to other Pilates studios as comparison and found Eva and her style of teaching Pilates to be exponentially superior to other studios!  I have diligently gone to Pilates 1-2 times per week since I started and have yet to get bored in any of the classes.  Eva manages to always provide variety in the class, while challenging us to do our best.  I am notorious for “cheating” whenever I can (and sometimes without even realizing it) and somehow she always catches me!  I have watched my body transform:  I am much leaner and stronger than ever, my posture has improved, and the little aches and pains that come with age have been put to rest.  Eva knows how to cater the work out to your needs and work with any physical issues you may have.  And her prices are extremely competitive; you won’t find a better studio or instructor anywhere!”

– Reena S, East Village, San Diego


“Europilates is the best thing that has ever happened to my health and strength. Before working with Eva I was flabby and tired and now I am stronger than ever and much more flexible than I have been since my childhood. Eva takes great pains to ensure she considers your strengths and weaknesses and although the workouts can be grueling Europilates has never caused an injury which can’t be said for going to the Gym. I now use many of the pilates principles in my daily life. Even while I am driving my car it is normal to pull in my ribs and adjust my sit bones for the best commute. Many parts of my life have been affected by what I have learned at Europilates and I greatly look forward to working with Eva in 2012 and beyond.”

– Ellen L, South Park


“Having done Pilates for 3 years, 3 times a week keeps my mind at peace and my body firm and strong. Eva’s diverse delivery of each session keeps it fresh, I never get bored of Pilates and always feel it the next day! Her knowledge of the anatomy and understanding of my personal injuries allows me to work out safely and pain free. Eva continually develops new exercise techniques and variations. I especially like cardio jump board and the circuit workouts.  My posture, core and overall appearance has changed dramatically. I love Pilates!”

-Lois Hirsh, Rancho San Diego


“Eva is incredibly professional and is always abreast of new developments and techniques not just in Pilates but fitness in general.  I enjoy working out with her because she is so inventive and creative. You never know what new exercise she will have researched and practiced since the last session so it keeps it interesting and challenging. She is also very sensitive to my constantly changing moods.She knows when I am being lazy and need a bit of a push but equally if I’m not on good form she will spend more time on stretching and go a bit easier. It makes every session enjoyable and unique.”

Kimberly Owen –Working single mom and Pilates convert


“I began training with Eva Wennes shortly after my son’s 2nd birthday.  My core strength had diminished during pregnancy and I found myself uninterested in typical workouts.  I had never tried Pilates but after attending one of Eva’s classes I was hooked.  Her professionalism and dedication to your health and wellness are evident the moment you meet her.  Eva’s extensive knowledge of Pilates and the human anatomy help create a fitness regimen that is focused, challenging and fun.   In the 15+ months I have worked with Eva, she has helped increase my overall strength and has motivated me to continue towards my fitness goals.”

Bethany Heintz, age 35- Working mother

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Meet Eva

I am a Pilates instructor and Corrective Exercise Specialist in the Biomechanics Method. My passion for Pilates began shortly after a ski injury that left torn knee ligaments in 2002. After surgery, I missed exercising and could not participate in any physical activities.

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Eva is aware of the role physical activity plays in combating Parkinson’s. She developed a series of stretching and flexibility exercises that I could do at home and while traveling. Her suggestions helped me improve a painful condition in my foot. I have continued her fitness regimen and leave for Nepal in less than two weeks.

- Alan T., Ramona, CA